Our products for professional hairdressers and our client


Exceptional colour results for lively iridescence from root to tip. Updated with a new crème-gel texture, our Cremagels are easier to apply for greater accuracy.
Create high lifting blonde shades with crystal, clear cool reflections, Sassoon colourists are known for.
Extensive range of Intensitones for personalized colour combinations and results and therefore an integral part of the bespoke service you offer in-salon
Colour Develop
Precisely helps Sassoon colour products to develop and provide the best possible consistency for easy application and rinsing


Seal Colour
Post colour treatment for all Chromatology colour applications. Seal colour does not weigh the hair down and maximises the colour result.
Magic Off
Exceptional pre-colour treatment - gently cleans out some of the old colour and preparing the hair for new colour
White up
Dust free advanced lightener and a versatile bleach with a high lifting performance to create clean, bright blonde colour results
Foil Grip
For perfect foil results - already small drops of this non-slip formula help adjust the consistency of the colour
Sassoon MAGIC ON
Strengthening treatment for flawless colour and healthy hair


Our products for professional hairdressers and our client


Pure Clean
A light, clear shampoo which does not weigh down fine hair with excess conditioning
Rich Clean
The first step to hydrate dry or damaged hair, specially designed to deliver moisture and care both inside the hair structure as well as externally
Precision Clean
A unisex product that can be used every day on all hair types - the perfect balance between conditioning and cleansing
Illuminating Clean
A superior protective care shampoo for coloured hair making it shinier and providing longer-lasting colour vibrancy, without adding weight to the cut.


Illuminating Condition
A daily conditioner for coloured hair that perfectly preserves and seals in colour freshness and shine
Advanced Condition
A sensuous conditioner that can be used every day on all hair types
Halo Hydrate
A conditioning mist for all hair types that invisibly conditions hair for an all-day soft and sensuous look with UV protection and tangle free hair.


Illuminating Restore
A weekly moisture boost to deeply invigorate coloured hair
Intense Restore
The ultimate weekly moisture treatment that has all the benefits of a mask without any superfluous weight added repairing and regenerating lifeless hair


Our products for professional hairdressers and our client

Wet to dry

Curl Form
An amazing tool for curl definition - it gives optimal lustre and bounce with the conditioning properties of a conditioner.
Heat Shape
A fantastic daily blow-dry spray with heat styling protection that gives an amazing shine in addition to assisting the blow-dry process
Smooth Drape
A light straightening lotion that gently smoothes and straightens the hair whilst maintaining optimal condition

Cut enhancing

Diamond Polish
An excellent serum for supporting the use of hot tools and protecting hair against heat
Illuminating Oil
A multi protect primer, that protects from colour fading, as well as protein loss and nourishes the hair with Sweet Almond Oil.
Definitive Groom
A traditional groomer that weightlessly smoothes and defines hair for a tailored look with texture and shine.
Texture Refine
A light filtered clay that provides a matt finish with a hydrated look

Control and shine

Motion Hold
A clean, light spray that delivers customisable hold, but still allows the hair to move naturally
Spray Shine
A weightless dry spray that gives polished shine and a sensuous, soft touch to the hair
Edit Body
An aerated mousse for all hair types that gives structural support and body to the haircut
Edit Hold
A finishing spray with a long-lasting yet flexible hold.

Prestige Colour Service

Subject to availability in your Sassoon Partner Salon

The ultimate 3-tier Sassoon PRESTIGE COLOUR SERVICE includes:
Your personalized Sassoon Colour
Your personalized Sassoon Colour
2 take-home colour care products of your choice from the Sassoon Professional ILLUMINATING range
2 take-home colour care products of your choice from the Sassoon Professional ILLUMINATING range
Your hair will get: