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White up

Dust free advanced lightener and a versatile bleach with a high lifting performance to create clean, bright blonde colour results
800 gr


  • Advanced lightener for clear blonde results
  • Versatile creamy consistency
  • Non-slip, non-swell formula
  • For full head bleach and foil techniques


  • Always mix Sassoon White Up with Sassoon Colour Develop in a non-metallic bowl
  • Apply evenly to dry hair
  • We recommend a mixing ratio of 1 : 2 with Sassoon Colour Develop (e. g. 2 scoops approx. 25 g + 50 ml Colour Develop)
  • Development time depends on the degree of lift required and the condition of the hair: check frequently to avoid over-processing, do not exceed 50 minutes

For a Salon Client

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