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Seal Colour

Post colour treatment for all Chromatology colour applications. Seal colour does not weigh the hair down and maximises the colour result.
150 ml


  • Neutralises residues of Peroxide and Alkaline
  • Locks the colour pigments inside
  • Reveals the true fibre-optic iridescence of the colour
  • Re-hydrates and moisturises for  maximum conditioning effect


  • Apply generously to freshly coloured hair, shampooed hair and massage evenly
  • Leave up to 3-5 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly




The advanced proprietary Intelliprotec formula in our products that are tailored to the needs of coloured hair intelligently optimises hair condition throughout the colouring process and beyond, helping to seal in and maintain longer-lasting colour radiance and shine. This conditioning system based on cationic care components can be found throughout Sassoon’s colour products and services – the Chromatology Colour, Seal Colour, and in the Illuminating Shampoo, Condition and Restore.


For a Salon Client

You can purchase these product from your local Salon.