The Sassoon story is as much about colour as it is about cut. The Sassoon Five-Point Cut of 1964 is famed for its revolutionary geometric shape and colour was key to the total look – it was a full-head tone designed to maximise the definition of the line.

Chromatology is a total colour concept, designed to elevate, celebrate and grow colour in your salon.

The invention of Chromatology, Sassoon Professionals’ colour line is the culmination of our colour history, a comprehensive colour system with infinite intermixing possibilities and an advanced conditioning system that gives spectacular high definition results. Its natural-looking fibre-optic iridescence, shine and light reflection ensure that each hair has its own character and colour – just like natural hair.

“With Sassoon colour we wanted to create the colourist’s dream.”
Peter Dawson, European Colour Director

For Sassoon the colourist’s dream is a modern, logical, compact line that is versatile and can be stretched as far as the colourist’s vision allows. It is about beautiful, natural-looking colour results. It was important that the colour is equally suitable for the more creative work typical of their academies and stage work as well as for everyday salon use.