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Pure Clean

A light, clear shampoo which does not weigh down fine hair with excess conditioning
250 ml, 1 l


  • Weightless so it leaves the hair as natural as possible, the ideal foundation for giving volume
  • A true ‘cleansing’ shampoo
  • Revives and revitalises the hair
  • Light, pure and shiny hair


  • Wet hair evenly
  • Squeeze a coin size amount of shampoo into your palm
  • Emulsify in your hands and massage gently into the hair and scalp to achieve a rich lather
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Repeat if necessary




The NeoPrimer technology with a special combination of active surfactants in our shampoos ensures ideal cleansing and leaves hair sensuous to the touch and shiny to the eye. Depending on the individual hair structure and condition, hair is perfectly prepared for the succeeding conditioning, cutting and colouring process, removing dulling residues and restoring hair’s natural shine.

For a Salon Client

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