“At Sassoon we finish rather than style.”
Silvia Salerno | Senior Creative Director

Sassoon puts the future of finishing at your fingertips with the Sassoon Professional Finish product range. High-performance products deliver invisible control with visible movement to hair, for the perfect finishing touch in polishing and maintaining your effortlessly sophisticated Sassoon look.

As concise as it is effective, Sassoon offers a range of expertly crafted products to finish a great haircut. Sassoon takes simplicity to the next level by grouping these products into four areas that cover the entire finishing process: WET-TO-DRY to protect and polish hair during blow-drying; CUT ENHANCING to bring out the cut’s unique shape and texture; CONTROL AND SHINE to complete the end-look with shine and natural movement and EDIT FINISH for an editorial feel. Offering a clear and persuasive way to encourage your clients to take a piece of their salon experience home with them.