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Magic On

Strengthening treatment for flawless colour and healthy hair


  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Increases hair fibre protection
  • Improves softness
  • Truer to tone colour with a more even colour result


Apply 5 to 10 pump spray on lengths and ends on damp, clean hair depending on length and density of the hair.

Pre-colour treatment
After applying Magic On , dry the hair under the Climazon for 5 min to activate the Amino Acids, followed directly by our bespoke colour service. Rinse the product out together with the colour and proceed as normal.

Stand-alone service
After applying Magic On, dry the hair for 5 minutes under the Climazon to activate the Amino acids. Rinse the product out and proceed with your normal conditioning and finishing routine.

For a Salon Client

You can purchase these product from your local Salon.