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Motion Hold

A clean, light spray that delivers customisable hold, but still allows the hair to move naturally
300 ml


  • Encourages light natural movement whilst maintaining gentle hold
  • All-day UV protection
  • Hair is smooth to the eye and to the touch
  • Enhances the hair’s natural shine
  • No build-up and no residue


  • Spray a sufficient amount of this weightless, non-sticky hairspray from 30 cm to achieve your desired hold with natural, shiny movement
  • Spray more for more hold
  • Use sparingly to add soft hold; repeating the application will increase the hold factor




‘Micro’ suggests the lightness of the polymers, which condition without weighing the hair down, while ‘Kinetic’ suggests the movement that these polymers allow the hair. The Micro Kinetic formula is an outstanding combination of kinetic conditioning polymers that weightlessly condition for maximum movement. The Micro Kinetic polymer complexes are so flexible that they form a light conditioning film on top of the cuticle that will then follow any shape the hair takes.



The Cashmeratex formula was designed to restore the condition of natural hair by injecting moisture and strength, both on the surface of the cuticle and in the cortex area. An optimised combination of cashmere proteins and Pro Vitamin B5 cross-links the internal keratin molecules of the cortex area. This reinforces and binds to the hair structure, delivering amazing softness, flexibility and shine.


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