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  • Shawn Whitla

    Salon Director | Shawn Whitla

    Shawn began his career with Sassoon Salons in Toronto while visiting the salon frequently for haircuts. Shawn joined the Salon team in 1982 and was trained as a stylist before working his way up to an assistant managerial position, three years later. In 1986, Shawn was promoted to manager of Toronto's Sassoon Salon. He has extensive trade show experience and has provided instruction at Sassoon Salons and Schools. During his years as manager, Shawn has traveled on behalf of the company to New York, Chicago and London to provide management and styling instruction to other Sassoon Salon teams.

  • Lorraine McAndrew

    Creative Director | Lorraine McAndrew

    A Glasgow native, Lorraine McAndrew always wanted to be a hairdresser. After seeing Vidal Sassoon onstage, she officially committed herself to the craft and completed training at Sassoon's Toronto school, where she is currently Creative Director. A quick study, Lorraine joined Sassoon in 1990 and completed training in 17 months. Throughout her career she has organized shows, taught seminars for Sassoon and has participated and partnered with various organizations during fashion shows, festivals and other high-end events. Lorraine has inspired hundreds of clients and stylists for more than 15 years and feels strongly about education and innovation.

  • John Beeson

    Colour Director | John Beeson

    After hairdressing collage in his native England, John began working for Sassoon in 1977 under the watchful eyes of Annie Humphreys, and completed a further nine months of training. John then transferred to Manchester, Munich and then to Leeds as Head of Department. It was here, over the next six years, that John worked extensively with the Creative Team. John moved to the Toronto salon, where he has concentrated on building the tinting/perming department, and working with the Artistic Team for the last 23 years.