The Team

Nicola Matthews

Creative Director Germany

"When I see somebody hold scissors in their hand for the first time, and see them with all their passion just trying to cut into hair and get it right, I get very emotional about it because I know I can set them on the right road - I can make them happy."

This is the enthusiasm and determination that has seen Nicola Matthews, one of the most exciting educators at Sassoon, move from "a 15 year-old shampoo girl in Coventry" to vardering assistant at Sassoon, to Assistant Art Director in Hamburg, and most recently to Creative Director in Germany. Here she oversees Sassoon training and the quality of work emanating from each salon - "making sure everything is running right, generating exciting work with my close team and training raw talent with Sassoon techniques".

For her, education is the key to "drawing the curtains away from your eyes", and she finds inspiration all around her - catwalk fashion, art galleries, jazz clubs and the streets and cityscape of Berlin. But mainly she is inspired by "the clean, pure, uncluttered thought that comes out of my trainees, almost like a fountain. They have an amazing take on things and I say to myself, 'I used to think like that', so I backtrack and look at things around me with new eyes. I stay open to that."

Nicola Matthews