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Good design comes from the perfect balance of aesthetics and utility, a combination of elements that achieved sublime heights in the immediate post-war years. As rooms were de-cluttered to free up more space, designers, enthused with a new optimism and the possibilities of mass production, created a series of groundbreaking designs known today as Mid Century Modern.

The Noguchi table of 1948 was a symphony of free-form wood and glass; the Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen was designed with a pedestal to rid furniture of ‘the slum of legs’. In jewellery design, Robert Lee Morris rejected the glitter of expensive gems in favour of minimalist torques intricately beveled to fit the body’s contours, and Pierre Cardin integrated metal bib necklaces into his clothes – both important inspirations for the styling in this season’s collection. In 1963, Robin Day launched the first polypropylene stacking chair, and it remains the best-selling chair in the world.

In that very same year, Sassoon finessed hair down to its beautiful basics going on to create the Five Point, Nancy Kwan and Asymmetric Geometric. The graphic lines of such geometric cuts combined the same purity, simplicity and fitness for purpose in hair as others had in design, making Sassoon a pioneering Mid-Century Modernist. Good design always remains in production, and our Torque Collection demonstrates how Sassoon’s innovative design process remains relevant and revolutionary today. Precision cut and colour techniques, fused with innovative products, create a truly bespoke approach to every detail of hair.

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The Torque Collection is underpinned by Sassoon’s rich heritage of good design, defined as the perfect balance of aesthetics and utility. This combination of elements achieved new heights in the mid-century era of design and it was within this era that Sassoon created his famous Five Point cut. This season, we continue to apply this approach to design. The collection’s precision cut and colour techniques diffuse with innovative products to create a truly bespoke approach to hair dressing.

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Sassoon is unique in that we have an international creative melting pot of talent to draw upon for our inspiration. We travel the world for our work - from Australia to Japan; Italy to Russia - training, giving shows and meeting people. Combined with our salon talent, this means that we have a fantastically rich resource for identifying and predicting trends. Sassoon has a long history of collaborating and taking influence from architecture and the visual arts - right from the days of Vidal and the Bauhaus. Today, all forms of creative expression influence our approach to Hair Design.

The International Creative Team is Sassoon's driving force and primary asset, helping to maintain its status as a respected and innovative industry leader. Its role is multi-dimensional: collating, interpreting and filtering ideas to and from the Creative Directors in Sassoon Salons, Schools and Academies all around the globe; heading up training to inspire and elevate standards of the industry and working on shows internationally.

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European Colour Director

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UK Creatice Director

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International Creative Director

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UK Colour Director

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