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When Vidal Sassoon opened his first salon at 108 Bond Street, London in 1954, he heralded a brand that went on to revolutionize the world of hair. On our sixtieth anniversary, we are proud to celebrate the uniqueness of Sassoon with the RADIAN/T Collection. For Sassoon, the perfect haircut was ‘No fuss, no omamentation. Just a neat, clean, swinging line’ – a hair aesthetic that remains just as true and beautiful today. Each cut and colour works with the architecture of the face creating a pared down and effortless modernity – a pragmatic approach that rejects over-styled.

Hair should be fit for purpose working at its optimum with every individual as a seamless extension of the self. Such effortless modernity reflects the new found confidence and calmness of a post-recession fashion that is taking its cues from the New Age Nineties. As we begin to lead more inner-directed lives rejecting celebrity-obsessed culture in favour of a more spiritual self-worth, our hair should reflect this inner radiance with an outer glossy shine.

This season, radiant hair takes centre-stage at every step of the design process enhanced by Sassoon Finish projects. Such a high performance approach in our sixtieth year shows that Sassoon is as relevant today as it was revolutionary in the sixties. The result is a timeless soft balance.

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Vidal Sassoon believed inner health was directed into our outer health, particularly in relation to hair. This philosophy underpins the house codes of our brand –we have always believed in the integrity of hair. Cool hair isn’t artificial, or loaded with product. Modern glamour comes from inner health; where inner radiance is matched by an outer radiance in the hair. You will see that our RADIAN/T collection is all about natural, beautiful, shiny hair.

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Sassoon is unique in that we have an international creative melting pot of talent to draw upon for our inspiration. We travel the world for our work - from Australia to Japan; Italy to Russia - training, giving shows and meeting people. Combined with our salon talent, this means that we have a fantastically rich resource for identifying and predicting trends. Sassoon has a long history of collaborating and taking influence from architecture and the visual arts - right from the days of Vidal and the Bauhaus. Today, all forms of creative expression influence our approach to Hair Design.

The International Creative Team is Sassoon's driving force and primary asset, helping to maintain its status as a respected and innovative industry leader. Its role is multi-dimensional: collating, interpreting and filtering ideas to and from the Creative Directors in Sassoon Salons, Schools and Academies all around the globe; heading up training to inspire and elevate standards of the industry and working on shows internationally.

Peter Dawson

European Colour Director

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UK Creatice Director

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Mark Hayes

International Creative Director

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Edward Darley

UK Colour Director

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